The Benefits of Vichy Shower Heads and Massage Tables

A Vichy shower isn’t a new invention. However, they are becoming increasingly popular. This shower enclosure was originally designed and developed in France, though it is used now the world over. Here are some of the Vichy shower benefits that you may not have heard about before.

Main Benefits

One of the advantages of a Vichy shower is the deep soaking massage it provides. Many people love to get a massage from time to time, and this type of treatment can be ideal in that respect. A Vichy shower provides more complete body treatments than just soaking your body for a little bit.

Another one of the advantages of a Vichy shower or any other French shower for that matter is the unique aromatherapy that comes from the steam. Many of the types of soaps on the market don’t do much for you at all. They simply leave behind an aftertaste or in some cases a worse side effect, which is the soap making your skin dry. A good quality French shower spray regularly will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and invigorated. The special ingredients in the spray also help to fight bacteria and help to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

The third advantage of a Vichy shower can be found in the way they are designed. Most French showers are made of moulded plastic, similar to those found in spas. These moulded plastic showerheads allow for a very authentic looking experience that is unique only to France. Whether you are looking for a calming experience or a luxurious experience, these are the perfect solution for your needs.

vichy shower

One of the best features of a Vichy shower head is that they are typically designed to offer both therapeutic massages as well as soothing hydrotherapy. This is done through the addition of low-pressure streams of warm water along with the introduction of exotic oils. As you can imagine, the combination of these two powerful treatments can offer you a wide range of different benefits. By offering low-pressure massages, as well as a soothing environment that will soothe your muscles, you can get a total body treatment that will help reduce your chances of contracting any of a variety of different types of illnesses.

Health Benefits

Of course, the main reason that anyone would consider purchasing any kind of Vichy shower system is because of the many health benefits that they offer. Many of the health benefits that you will receive through a French or Vichy shower therapy will be unique only to these types of systems. However, the biggest benefits that you can receive through these types of systems is an increased circulation along with a lower heart rate. By reducing your stress levels and increasing your body circulation, you will find that you have a healthier lifestyle overall.

The final thing that you should know about a Vichy shower massage is that they are typically offered by a licensed and trained therapist. While you might be able to take care of the therapy yourself using items at home, you are going to find that this is not recommended. For you to receive the best results possible, you are going to want to make sure that you contact a licensed and experienced therapist. They can customize the treatment to meet the needs of your body. If you are looking for relief from a sports injury, for example, a therapist can make the most of your situation and work with you to provide you with the most complete experience possible.

These unique vertical showerheads allow you to enjoy a full body massage on a sliding shower surface. They also offer a great way to relax your entire body as you take advantage of the special treatments that are available. If you are a regular spa patron, you are likely aware of how relaxing and revitalizing a vertical shower system can be. This is one type of equipment that is becoming more popular as customers realize that they can take their health into their own hands. Rather than suffer through painful massages with a regular spa table or chair, you can enjoy a total body massage when you install Vichy showerheads. This means that you can get a full-body scrub while still having space to move around in your spa bathroom.

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