DIY Spa Day At Home

It’s time to take advantage of the natural goodness found around us and indulge in a little self-soothing at home. There’s no better way to unwind than soaking in a warm relaxing spa-like professional masseuse offers or to simply indulge in a hot, sticky bubble bath for a total body experience. A few relaxing DIY spa ideas are just what you need to get the job done and pamper yourself for the ultimate in personal well being. Relaxation is important, especially for those who lead busy lives and need a little break from the stress of everyday life.

DIY Spa Activities

A few easy DIY spa activities to indulge in at home can help you to relax and pamper yourself at the end of a busy day. Did you know that ice globes can be a wonderful way to pamper yourself? This simple, yet effective, activity can provide you with the ultimate in self-care while providing a nice cool treat for your sore muscles. Imagine rubbing the ice-cold globes of frozen water over your aching joints as you learn to relax in the warmth and comfort of home. You might want to try this activity a few times before deciding it’s time for a larger scale at a spa or day spa.

Essential Oils and Candles

Creating your very own essential oils diffuser is also another way to provide yourself with the ultimate home spa day at home experience. A quality diffuser will provide you with the aromatic treats that you seek from home spas. Creating your very own spa experience requires some basic supplies, an essential oil jar, and a quality glass bowl to hold the essential oils. A quick search on the internet should yield several different styles of diffusers and bowls to choose from.

For the truly spiritual a DIY spa experience, consider candle holders, votive candle holders, and pillar candles for your day spa. Candles are a great way to add fragrance to your bath or create the mood for relaxation. They’re also a great way to ensure the safety of guests who might be distracted by scented candles in your home spa.

diy spa day at home

Relaxing Bath

For the ultimate relaxing bath, consider an aromatherapy steam kit and a quality shower head. Steam kits and showerheads both contain essential oils to help you relax during a relaxing soak in the tub. An aromatherapy steam kit will include everything needed to create your own aromatherapy experience including aromatherapy scents, a mini Therapeutic steam generator, and lavender essential oils to help soothe your senses. Using essential oils for relaxation is a popular alternative to the plethora of prescription drugs that are sometimes suggested for treating anxiety and depression. By taking a warm, relaxing bath or shower using your DIY bath and shower kit and electric shower, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed than if you were to medicate with prescription drugs.


For the body scrub enthusiast, DIY spas offer a lotion that is ideal for relaxing the skin after your bath or shower. There are several different brands of lotion available on the market today and they’re all very similar. The most popular brand of lotion for use at a DIY spa is by Jojoba based products as these lotions have a light, almost silky, texture that makes them feel luxurious while not leaving a greasy feeling on the skin.

For the ultimate in self-care, there is a great choice of spa accessories to consider including massage oils, exfoliators, and masques. Massage oils will make your skin feel soft, smooth, and youthful. Exfoliators and masques work to eliminate dead skin cells that can accumulate on your face and neck after your normal shower or bath. These are also great choices for removing excess oil from your body and are perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to commercial beauty products. And don’t forget the essential tools you’ll need for your DIY encounter: a quality sponge, quality spray bottle, a quality circular or square sponge, and quality nails or scissors. Besides, don’t forget a quality set of nail clippers and earplugs for your safety.

There are many other options for gifts aside from a DIY spa kit including gift baskets filled with luxurious bath and body products, gift baskets that include a deluxe bath pillow, a deluxe soap set, bathtub and shower favours, and a gift certificate to your favourite bath and body shop. But the best choice for a great gift is a gift basket filled with lots of luxurious products that will make anyone who receives it feel like a “king”. The best gifts are the ones that make a person feel special and loved. A spa gift basket can do just that!